Ahmad Ali

Peshawar, Khyberpakhtun Khwa, Pakistan

Physiotherapist, Paraplegic Centre

Physiotherapy Qualification: BSPT, MScPT Wheelchair Certificates: WSTP basic, WSTP intermediate, WSTP training of trainers WSTPb: • Received from ICRC at Pakistan • Received online certificate from ISWP(international society of the wheelchairs professionals) WSTPi: Received from world motivation chairs at Nepal. WSTPtot: Received from MSH at Kenya Physiotherapy Experience: 7 years Wheelchair basic and intermediate working experience: 3 Years Currently working as physiotherapist and wheelchair professional at Paraplegic centre Peshawar dealing with spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

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Wheelchair Service & Service Training:
Basic Intermediate Advanced Management
24 Hour Positioning
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Worked as trainer in WSTPi arranged by ICRC